Ah os bons anos das discotecas, as pistas, as pessoas dançando, aquelas músicas inesquecíveis, aquele tempo mágico, então deixo abaixo letra e o link da música que ouvi hoje.

  New York By Night
(Dennis Parker)

At Studio 54 they’re waiting at the door
Can’t get in; just can’t win
Bushes n the park; shadows moving dark
Fast Romance; furtive Glance
Dancing at Flamingo; watching all the lights go
Dance With Me, a New York melody
Sitting on a rooftop
Lovers loving non-stop
Come with me; come with your fantasy

This is New York by Night
New York By Night
Filled with glamour, drama, laughter and spice
Such a Pretty City
This is New York by night
New York by night
It’s a galaxy of pleasure and pain
When the morning comes you won’t be the Same

On 42nd Street, fascinating is the beat
See soft skin up on the silver skin
On 53rd and 3rd, a dollar is the word
You better hurry kid, turn that trick!

Cl15282 (Dennis Parker)

Também tinha umas outras que eu gostava muito, e dançava também, Like An Eagle, abaixo, e I’m A Dancer.