5 Seconds Of Summer (também conhecido como 5SOS) é uma banda australiana de pop punk, formada em Sydney no ano de 2011. Siga lendo aqui.


Permanent Vacation
5 Seconds of Summer

You say that I’m too complicated
Hung up and mis-educated
I say 9 to 5 is overrated
And we all fall down
I can’t sleep ‘cause my mind keeps racing
My chest hurts ‘cause my heart keeps breaking
I’m so numb and I can’t stop shaking
And we all fall down
Frustration, desperation
You say I need some kind of medication
Situation: no motivation
Destination: permanent vacation
Hey, I’m doing fine
And I know I’m out of line
So let’s sing this one more time
It goes
Destination: permanent vacation
Na-na, na-na na na
Voices coming through the speaker
They can’t make me a believer
I know I’m an under-achiever
And we’re all so proud
Watch out, I think we’re going under
Right now, you’re just another number
Get out, the system’s in the gutter
And we’re all so proud


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